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Some Basic Egg Facts

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BELOW : the egg composition picture from FAO  


Learn more about the egg quality from an American Egg board.

Egg Quality  

  Grade AA Grade A Grade B
Break Out Appearance Covers a small area. Covers a moderate area. Covers a wide area.
Albumen Appearance White is thick and stands high; chalaza prominent. White is reasonably thick, stands fairly high; chalaza prominent. Small amount of thick white; chalaza small or absent. Appears weak and watery.
Yolk Appearance Yolk is firm, round and high. Yolk is firm and stands fairly high. Yolk is somewhat flattened and enlarged.
Shell Appearance Approximates usual shape; generally clean,* unbroken; ridges/rough spots that do not affect the shell strength are permitted. Abnormal shape; some slight stained areas permitted; unbroken; pronounced ridges/thin spots permitted.
Usage Ideal for any use, but are especially desirable for poaching, frying and cooking in shell. Ideal for any use, but are especially desirable for poaching, frying and cooking in shell. Good for scrambling, baking, and as an ingredient in other foods.

*An egg may be considered clean if it has only very small specks, stains or cage marks. Source: USDA

  Grade AA: A ''Grade AA'' egg will stand up tall. The yolk is firm and the area covered by the white is small. There is a large proportion of thick white to thin white.
  Grade A: A ''Grade A'' egg covers a relatively small area. The yolk is round and upstanding. The thick white is large in proportion to the thin white and stands fairly well around the yolk.

Grade B: A ''Grade B'' egg spreads out more. The yolk is flattened and there is about as much (or more) thin white as thick white.

These basic egg facts are from the website of an American Egg Board.

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